About Us

Our Business Model

Our leadership team comprises visionary individuals. Their wealth of expertise allows us to deliver outstanding results across various projects and effectively cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Their ability to navigate challenges, inspire innovation, and drive growth is the driving force behind our company's continued success. Our team's ultimate goal is to create long-term value for our clients. With a client-centric approach and dedication to continuous learning, our team builds strong relationships, fosters trust, and consistently delivers the highest level of service, fostering client satisfaction and loyalty.

We operate with two pharmacy brands, each with a distinct positioning; GPC for the high-end customer segment and Pharmadepot for the mass retail segment. The pharmacies are located in Tbilisi and other major regional cities. Our scale of operations gives us bargaining power over suppliers to extract procurement synergies, reflected in strong margins. Consequently, it allows us to share these synergies with the local population by providing affordable pricing of key products, as well as with other small pharmacy chains through wholesale business. Furthermore, pharmacy and distribution is a pure out-of-pocket business, favorably diversifying the company’s revenue stream.

We are constantly working on the improvement of the product mix and entered into a franchise business, which exemplifies our strategic vision to expand operations and enhance our market presence through a mutually beneficial partnership with the franchisors. These partnerships embody the company's commitment to leveraging our core competencies and resources to create a synergistic platform for sustained growth and profitability while upholding the franchisor's brand standards and operational excellence.

We leveraged our technological capabilities to develop proprietary mobile application platforms, which enable customers to conveniently shop for its products and services from the comfort of their homes. By offering an intuitive and seamless user experience, we enhanced our market position and strengthened our competitive advantage in the industry.

Professional development of our employees is led by our Training Centre trainers (employees with a background in pharmacology, para-pharmacy, and operational standards), mentors (employees from different business units supporting on-the-job training and inductions), and coaches (employees with appropriate backgrounds who conduct soft skills training). In 2022, the GEPHA Training Centre trained a total of 4,000 participants. Among them, 186 student took a preparation course for pharmacist, and 35 of them were offered a job. In 2023, the GEPHA Training Centre trained a total of 5,678 participants. Among them, 418 pharmacist and 53 consultant took a preparation course for new employees, and all of them were offered a job. 

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a British cosmetic, skin care and perfume company having presence in more than 65 countries worldwide. GEPHA has master franchise for Caucasus Region and actively develops SIS business model alongside with brand`s stand-alone stores. GEPHA operates 15 standalone shops of TBS in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Afflelou Paris

Alain Afflelou is a French company, a chain of opticians specializing in the distribution of frames, optical lenses and contactology and hearing aid products. GEPHA has master franchise for Caucasus Region and firstly introduced Afflelou Optics in Georgia with stand-alone shop followed by SIS business models within GPC pharmacies.

Triumph International

Triumph International is the world`s most wearable, every day, innovative bodywear manufacturer. GEPHA has master franchise for Caucasus Region and started business by SIS business model making shopping experience of own GPC pharma customers even more attractive. In 2023 GEPHA opened brand’s 2 standalone stores in Georgia.


Carter's is one of the largest and most recognized brands in the children's clothing industry. The brand is known for its high-quality fabrics, comfortable designs, adorable prints, and patterns that appeal to both children and parents. GEPHA has master franchise for Georgia and actively develops SIS business model alongside with brand`s stand-alone stores. Mother and Baby category is the 2nd largest in GEPHA`s portfolio.