Franchise business


GEPHA advanced its portfolio expansion strategy by entering into a master franchise agreement with a French eyewear brand Afflelou Paris. Since 1972, the brand has experienced remarkable growth, establishing a network of 1,400 locations worldwide. Afflelou Paris's presence extends across 13 countries, with an impressive portfolio of over 700 stores in France, over 300 in Spain, and 11 in other countries.

The Tchin Tchin offer exemplifies Afflelou's commitment to providing cost-effective eyewear options and ensuring customer satisfaction through attractive deals and promotions. This offer allows customers to purchase one pair of glasses at a regular price and get a second pair for an additional 1 GEL.

In addition to eyewear, Afflelou Paris also offers optical services such as eye exams and lens fitting. By providing comprehensive eye care solutions, the brand ensures that customers receive the utmost care and attention for their needs. Currently, GEPHA operates with 3 standalone stores in Georgia and represents the master franchise holder for the territory of the Caucasus region.
                                                                                                                                       1 Petre Kavtaradze Street, City Mall, Tbilisi, Georgia

                                                                                                                              1 Petre Kavtaradze Street, City Mall, Tbilisi, Georgia