About Us

Group Structure

GEPHA is the largest retailer in the region that offers the most comprehensive range of assortment including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medication, wellness products, health-related services and exclusive brands. GEPHA’s market-leading position, distinctive business model with considerable cost and growth benefits, and knowledgeable management team create a highly attractive business ecosystem.

GEPHA's core channels of sales represent:  

Retail sales

  • GEPHA brick-and-mortar stores offer it’s customers the advantage of immediate access to products on the spot. Pharmacies have licensed pharmacists who can provide advice on drug interactions, and answer any questions customers may have about their prescriptions.
  • Pharmacies also offer additional services, such as blood pressure screenings, laboratory services, ophthalmology and dermatology cabinets.


  • B2B sales enables GEPHA to reach a broader customer base such as private pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers. This expansion of market reach can result in increased sales and revenue. 
  • The distribution process ensures that products are delivered on time while maintaining strict quality control and safety standards.


  • GEPHA has established an online presence through its mobile applications, allowing customers to order full assortment of products online and have them delivered to their doorstep within one hour.
  • Online platforms also offer the pick-up service, that allows customers to place orders and pick them up in-store at a later time.


  • GEPHA operates the franchise business and holds the Master Franchise contracts with well known, international brands such as:
    • The Body Shop
    • Afflelou Paris
    • Carter’s
    • Triumph International
  • GEPHA actively developing shop-in-shop business model alongside with brand`s stand-alone stores.

GEPHA is the member of Georgia Capital (LSE: CGEO LN), LSE premium listed holding company with Net Asset Value exceeds EUR 1BLN. Georgia Capital (GCAP) has a unique position as an experienced institutional financial investor in Georgia with superior access to attractive private investment opportunities.