GEPHA Opens Triumph's First Official Store in Georgia

We are delighted to announce that Gepha has opened the first official store of Triumph International in Georgia, in City Mall, Kavtaradze #1 on November 10, Y2023.


Triumph International is a German underwear store that has become globally known for its high-quality, innovative designs, comfort and beauty. Triumph has 137 years of experience in this field, is represented in more than 45 countries of the world and has millions of loyal customers.


One of the famous sub-brands of Triumph International is Sloggi, which is known for its comfortable and practical underwear for both men and women. Triumph International and Sloggi strive to provide lingerie and underwear solutions that not only meet fashion trends but also prioritize comfort, confidence, and self-expression.

While our new store is an exciting addition, we also continue to offer Triumph products at GPC pharmacies.