Supporting Charity

GEPHA continues its multi-year initiatives that aim at sustainability empowering different groups of society, sticks to our Environmental and Social Policy and strives to contribute to society through our business activities. GEPHA always tries to help people by developing and investing in social activities and implementing responsible projects.

As part of the charitable activities, GEPHA continues to focus on promoting and enhancing access to conserving nature, supporting people with disabilities and special needs, and facilitating innovative projects that focus on social good. The company is actively engaged in supporting the well-being of Georgian citizens, therefore continues its effort in helping children with oncology problems, children with leukaemia, and those in poverty.

GEPHA supports activities to address the increasing prevalence of diabetes in Georgia by offering free diabetes screening in more than 150 pharmacies throughout the country and a 50% discount on test strips for patients with diabetes. The company also helps patients with chronic diseases to get accessible and affordable care by offering special prices at our pharmacies on the medication they need on a regular basis.

GEPHA has active cooperation with the charity organization: “Mothers’ Foundation”. Within the project, GEPHA supports and provides the organization’s beneficiaries with necessary products: medications, hygiene products, cosmetics and other.

 “Monk Andrew’s Foundation”, that looks after the children with oncology problems, planned to build special house for their beneficiaries. GPC supported the organization and after completion building process, we gave all the inventories for sport and fitness room.

GEPHA has gave financial support for 3 months ad gifted different pharma products to the orphanage, where 12 children with disabilities live.