Environmental care

For 13 years now, the development of the CSR strategy has played an important role in the history of the GEPHA. In this direction, the company has several valuable projects on its account. Environmental care is one of the main directions around which the company has been working for years and trying to plan various activities.

"Green public garden, for a healthy environment" is a new initiative of the company, which aims to involve the public in environmental protection issues as much as possible. For this stage, the company has implemented the arrangement/greening of public gardens in 3 districts of Tbilisi. Up to 100 saplings of different species were planted, lanterns and lights were installed; the Creation of children's space, arrangement of paving and decorative paths, etc. It is planned to arrange 2 more public gardens shortly.

GEPHA participated in the "Green Award" event held on Environmental Protection Day.
Another social campaign of GEPHA aims at caring for the environment and actively involving young people in environmental protection work. #Donotlittertheroad! #Care changes the world!