Sando Platform

GEPHA launched SANDO.COM.GE, which is an educational portal - a source of transparent and important information about medicines.

The "Sando" platform serves to raise public awareness about medicines, as every citizen has the opportunity to receive comprehensive and detailed information about the medicines he/she wants, on the basis of which the user can make a free choice when purchasing medicine. Within the framework of "Sando", each citizen is given the opportunity to make his own choice within the same active substance, generics, and to purchase a medicine of European production at an acceptable price for him/her.

“Sando” offers prescription drug/prescription alternatives by price and country of manufacture and customer is given opportunity to choose.

As a part of Sando's awareness campaign, 10 awareness-raising video vlogs were created:

Later, the “Sando Savings Program” was created under the Sando platform, the goal of which is to increase access to European quality medicines.